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Chainsaw accessoriesChainsaw accessories
Explore the entire cost-effective range of Grimsholm´s Premium Cut series of chainsaw chains and guide bars.
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Oils for Forestry toolsOils for Forestry tools
Discover Grimsholm´s range of oils, designed to meet the needs of everything from harvesters to chainsaws.
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Trimmer lineTrimmer line
Grimsholm premium nylon trimmer line – now available for Ryobi, Bosch, and Greenworks. Recommended price from 6,49 EUR

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Micro irrigationMicro irrigation
Build your Micro-irrigation system with Grimsholm. Begin with one of the Starter Kits and expand the system as needed.
New in stores June 2024. Recommended price from 22,89 EUR

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Troubleshoot robotic lawnmower installationsTroubleshoot robotic lawnmower installations
Break in the signal cable? Use the Grimsholm MS6818 Cable Tracker and accompanying instructions to locate it. For repairs, use the Grimsholm Repair Kit 5 M.
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