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About us

Grimsholm Products AB has been an innovative, proactive and quality-focused force in the field of accessories for garden and landscape equipment since 2014.
We develop our own products and also help European retailers and retail chains build strong brands within ever more product groups.
Following their successful launch in Scandinavia, Grimsholm Green's products are now widely available throughout Europe. You can find our products in more than 20 countries. Distribution is primarily through leading specialist retailers but our products are also sold by high-quality retail chains like Clas Ohlson and Granngården. Our product range has quickly become popular across Europe.
In order to ensure the best possible quality, Grimsholm Green works closely with customers and manufacturers. The entire range has therefore been developed in conjunction with leading specialist retailers and industry experts. A combination of the best raw materials from, amongst others, Europe and hi-tech production results in a level of quality that enables us to offer one of the best warranties on the market: our GRIMSHOLM EXTENDED WARRANTY.






Falkenberg, Sweden
Research, development and testing
All our product development takes place in Sweden at our own facility, as well as through contracted test and development facilities and field tests by specialist retailers.
Management and administration
Our administration and customer service departments are based in Falkenberg.
Storage for the European market
Our warehouse in Falkenberg is our central hub for all European deliveries. It's also where some of our products are packaged and labelled with customer-specific labels where required.




Shanghai, China
Our operational procurement organisation is based in Shanghai, where a number of our largest customers also have procurement functions. This keeps us up to speed with what's going on and allows us to monitor production at our plants, which is often world leading within the respective product area.
Production and quality assurance
Any factory that supplies products for the Grimsholm Green brand will have been subjected to a comprehensive audit of its ownership structure, corporate culture and production environment.
There are ongoing inspections before, during and after production before the products leave the production plant. By performing tests on an ongoing basis, we ensure that there are no unpleasant surprises for us or our customers at a later date.
Social Compliance
We work meticulously on all areas of social compliance from our Shanghai office. This work includes:
- Identifying suppliers that have been certified as providing good working conditions for their employees
- Negotiations and training of suppliers in the Grimsholm Green Code of Conduct.
- Follow-up and measures where required.
Shenzhen, China

Packaging and storage for Asia
By storing our products in Asia, we can offer large bulk deliveries to distributors and equipment manufacturers. This is also where the majority of our products are packaged and distributed on to our Swedish warehouse for resale to European retailers.