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Robot Mower Edge. 5x1m

  • Model: 501


21.49 EUR

  inkl moms

Everyone who has a robot mower knows that it is a great help but also that it is difficult for the robot mower to cut the edges nice. Even if the robot mower installation is made carefully a lot of edging is often needed.

Now we do have the solution that means less need of edging. The product prevents the grass from growing in between the edge tiles. The Robot Mower Edge does "lift" the grass along the lawn edge and makes it easier for the robot mower to cut the lawn with good edge cutting result.

Robot Mower Edge is delivered in a bag with 5pcs 1m each. Easy mounting without need of expert knowledge.

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Denna produkt har en särskild Grimsholm Green-garanti under 3 år från inköpsdatum.
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