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Signal Cable Euro Standard (aluminium core), 800 m

  • Model: 148


196.99 EUR

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Grimsholm Green Euro Standard signal cable is the cheapest of our signal cables. The conductor has aluminum core and is coated with copper and tin. As this cable corresponds to the cable that comes with many new robotic mower it is considered by the manufacturers of the robot mowers to be adequate for handling the mowers loop signal.

An alternative to this cable is our Premium cable of tin-plated copper.

To secure the cable in the ground use Grimsholm signal cable holder.

Conductor material: Tinned copper clad aluminium
Conductor area: 1.423 mm2
Insulation material: PE
Diameter incl insulation: 2.7 mm

Note: During 2020 the signal cable series “BASIC” change name to “EURO STANDARD”. This mean the products delivered may wear label named BASIC during a limited time. The EAN remanes the same and the article specification is also the same.

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Denna produkt har en särskild Grimsholm Green-garanti under 3 år från inköpsdatum.
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