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Heat shrink joint coupling, long, 50 pcs

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With Grimsholm Green heat shrink joint coupling, you can make waterproof joints in your robot installation. With solder that melts and creates and secure connection combined with double glue ring seals on each side of the connection, both good connectivity and high insulation against moisture are provided.

The splice coupling contains a 200mm long extension with Premium HD cable which is the highest quality level of cable from Grimsholm Green. This in combination with its waterproof properties makes the coupling both easy to use, as it replaces a damaged part of the existing signal cable up to 200 mm long, as well as enabling a connection with minimal resistance.

In addition to the insulation that is obtained through the coupling's double gluing rings, a heat shrink tube is also included, which contains hot-melt glue and which gives the coupling extra protection.

This splice coupling requires the use of heat to melt the solder as well as to shrink the surrounding insulation. Suitable equipment for using this connection is a heat gun, lighter or the like.

NOTE! For best results, and for the "Grimsholm Green 10Y" guarantee to apply, the coupling must be used together with a cable that has a copper core, e.g. cable from Grimsholm Green which contains "Premium" in the article title. If the coupling is used together with a cable that has an aluminum core or other conductor material, the function may be negatively affected.

The package contains:
50 pcs long joint couplings
​50 pcs long heat shrink tubes



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